Monday, April 30, 2007

Call to Action

Today the UUSC (UU Service Committee) is asking people to call the White House to ask President Bush to increase diplomatic efforts to end the fighting in Darfur. We are hoping to have a critical mass of people call the President on Monday to really make our voices heard. Their campaign - Drumbeat for Darfur - is working towards ending the genocide. If you get a chance, please call the White House today at 202.456.1111. Ask President Bush to help increase diplomatic pressure on the Sudanese government and that the UN send Peacekeeping troups.

I feel as Unitarians, we are called to help all people. The Darfurians are suffering unimaginable cruelties. Their voices are not being heard. It is up to us to make the call for them.

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Angelina said...

What happened with this? I wish I had caught up with your blog earlier.