Sunday, April 29, 2007

Valuing the older Generation

I was recently at a UU women't retreat. It was a wonderful gathering of women of all ages and beliefs. It was a great chance to really talk with people that aren't in my usual "group". I was reminded of how important it is to reach out to people not my age. There were women in their seventies and eighties still trying to "fight the fight". It was fascinating to see how liberal they still are. I looked at them and hoped that I still feel that passionately when I am their age. Two older women in particular were at very different ends of self-reflection. One felt that all her work had amounted to nothing. Another felt there is still hope for the world as long as we keep trying. Amongst the women we had a good and lively discussion. I like to think that the younger of us helped the older women see that whether or not world peace comes in their lifetime they have inspired the rest of to continue the work.

If you get a chance today - give someone who inspires you a call and maybe the feeling will be mutual.


Angelina said...

I am so excited that you've started a blog!

I love talking to women from different generations than my own. In general I connect with the elderly really well. I love to hear their take on things, whether it is similar to mine or very different.

Having the store gives me frequent opportunities to chat with women of all ages. That's one of the major perks of owning a store.

plaidshoes said...

Thanks for the props, Angelina. I feel this is a big experiment, so I will see how it goes!

I love talking to all sorts of people, too. I feel with younger women I can reflect back to who I was, and with older women I can really learn and be inspired by them!

Juliette said...

Ok, so I was there for women's weekend, but I have to say that I agree deeply. I was so moved to see women of several generations and such diverse backgrounds coming together to think about how to make the world a better place. Even when they thought it might be useless--how amazing is that!

We are all lucky to have each other. And now we are lucky to have your blog!