Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting Old

How do I know I am getting old? My knees are aching! After working just three weeks, part-time, my knees are killing me from helping all the children. Most of their work is done on size appropriate tables or on the floor and my knees are paying the price ;-). I am only 34 - what will it be like when I am 44?!?!


Montessori Mama said...

Hi there, Jennifer here, (aka Montessori Mama)first off, YOU are not old! I'm thirty four also :)
And it's gets easier. 2nd here is a link to where to find the color dice, the large one pictured I got years ago (I'm sorry I don't remember where...must be because I'm so old, he-he) but I know we have borrowed one from Candy Land in a pinch so if that game is kicking around you could try there first before buying one. Just a thought. Good luck and I'll keep looking for a big die on-line, when I find one, I'll post about it. Thanks for your comments! In PEACE MM

plaidshoes said...

Thanks for the support, Jennifer. I feel like I need to get in shape just to work! I will check that link, and I know somewhere in my house there is a Candyland - whether or not all the pieces are there is another question ;-)