Thursday, January 17, 2008

Could it be...

Working is getting easier?!?!? I must admit it was a HUGE change to start working. I haven't worked outside the home in over six years. Plus, I am a Taurus born in the year of the bull - so I don't really respond that well to change (I think my husband would agree). After going through a range of emotions such as "what was I thinking?", "why do kids sneeze so much?", "there are germs everywhere!!", "why did I do this to myself?", "what if I accidentally kill a kid (yes, that thought went through my head)?", I think I might actually kind of like it. These last couple of days I have been able to sit down and really help some of the kids. I have enjoyed that. I like teaching. Now that I am slowly getting over my germaphobia, I find that I look forward to seeing the kids and helping them with their work. I also have the added benefit of seeing my little one progress. Today he started word building. He was so excited and I got to see it! Of course, there are many rough days, but it seems like they are getting fewer and fewer. I am very grateful for that, because at heart, I like being there.

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Montessori Mama said...

Hi, Jennifer here, I just got your note and I wanted you to know I have responded to your email, so I'm curious...maybe your computer didn't recognize my email address? I will send it again. I like your post, your doing a wonderful job, hang in there.