Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Hardest Part

One of the hardest parts about working is what to do when your child is sick. The school currently has a nasty head/fever/cough thing going around. Not surprisingly my youngest (my baby!) is down for the count. Yesterday we were able to work it that my husband took a half day while I was working. I was greatly hoping that there would be a miracle recovery and L. would be better today. After a looonnnggg night, that is not the case. I hate to disappoint people and not live up to my obligations. The school is small and there is not a lot of back-up. The usual substitute's son is also sick. I had to make the call at 7.00 this morning and say that there is no way I (or L.) could come in. Wonderfully (amazingly?), the Directress took it in stride. Luckily there are two other aides in the classroom and with several students out sick, she felt they could manage. I really appreciated her saying that. I don't like leaving people in a bind and was thankful that she didn't make me feel worse. Hopefully L. will recover soon - I am downing Airborne in hopes that it doesn't hit me too hard!


Montessori Mama said...

This IS the hardest part about being around young children. Hang in there, I remember my first year teaching, I was sick so often! It gets better with each year, I hardly ever get sick any more. VitC and lots of water helps. Wash your hands often and encourage your little ones to do the same. Sing Happy Birthday while you wash, that's the recommended time. I hope you feel better soon! Take care

plaidshoes said...

Thanks, Jennifer! I am really enjoying teaching and just wish all these colds would stop getting in the way! ;-)