Monday, March 24, 2008

To Start or not to Start

Do any of you have any experience in starting a congregation? I know that there are a lot of fellowships and emerging congregations, but I am interested in what motivated people to start them. I belong to a vibrant large congregation, but it isn't in my community. I love the people there, but find that most of their concerns (as they should be) for outreach involve the community in which the church is located. I sometimes look around and wish such outreach would also include the community in which I live. I would love to go to church and see my neighbors. The area in which I live is large and very diverse. I can't imagine that there aren't people who might be interested in Unitarianism, but really haven't been exposed to it. I would love to hear any thoughts people have on new congregations and experiences people might have had in starting them.

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Anonymous said...

some of the churches I've been involved with started "sister congregations" when they were growing. As an alternative to becoming bigger, they branched out.

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