Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Eye

I admit it - I really wish I was at GA. I have only been to one (St. Louis) and have wished constantly that I could go to another one. I love the feeling of being around so many open, warm, spiritual people. I find the conference extremely motivating, plus I feel more plugged into the faith as a larger entity then just my one congregation. I selfishly wish it was much closer and inexpensive. It is completely cost prohibitive for my family of five to go and almost so for just my husband and I (especially when you tally in room and board). I know there is very little they can do about the price - but a girl can dream (or at least watch the streaming video)!


goodwolve said...

Doesn't it bother you at some level that it is so cost prohibitive? I think it is part of the issue of class that UU's struggle with.

plaidshoes said...

Yes, it does bother me. I would love the whole family to experience it, but it would be over $2,000. Also, it is very frustrating to me, that, really, I can't even afford to send myself. I am just not sure how to solve it. Scholarships? Underwriting? Grants? Cheaper venues? It seems like conferences, inherently, are expensive. I would love to know how other religions handle to cost issue.