Friday, August 1, 2008

Another Side

Lately, I have been sewing and embroidering like a mad women. I love being able to create things. But, having an extremely practical nature, I find it hard to sew something unless it has a useful purpose. I will never be a person that makes cute dolls (even though I love looking at them) unless I have an actual person in need of a doll. I don't make random tchotchkes - despite being inspired by all the amazing creations I see. I find it hard to shake my very practical and "don't be wasteful" upbringing. But.....I am trying in little bits to create things just - because. Above is an example. This is an embroidery from a Hilary Lang pattern. I love her work. I had absolutely no need to make it - but I LOVE it. I embroidered and quilted it in bright colors and bound it in Heather Bailey fabric. I hung it in my sewing room. It brings me such joy. Yes, I could have been working on other things, but it is OK just to take time on work that just makes me happy. I encourage all of you to take time out from all that you have to do and do something completely for yourself. Life isn't all about what you "should" be doing.

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