Thursday, August 21, 2008


Just have faith. I know to certain folks, this phrase is meant to provide comfort. I have tried to let it comfort me. But, in reality, my next thought is "faith in what?!?" That God will work things out - that there is a master plan? That the Universe will somehow pull through? In the human race? In the law? I really struggle with this word. I would best describe myself as an agnostic humanist. I really don't know what, if anything, is out there. I have seen too much to believe that having faith in a God will "make things better". I greatly dislike the phrase "things happen for a reason". What reason? Why should a child suffer? Why do bad things happen to wonderful people? How will having faith in a God, make him/her come down and straighten out my life? I know these are eternal questions that will most likely never be answered in my lifetime and maybe not even in death.

When I really think about it, to me faith is the belief that, in the end, the human spirit will prevail. That deep inside there is a spark of compassion in us. It may not always be evident, but I have to hope, have faith, that when most needed, people will rise to the occasion. I have to believe this, otherwise the the act of the truly despicable, will be overwhelming. I have to have faith that the majority of humanity cares. This is the only reality I know and what I, and others, make of it, makes all the difference. I choose to have faith in people.

What does faith mean to you?

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