Thursday, August 7, 2008

Summer Camp

This week our congregation has been conducting a camp for our youth k-5th grade. We are studying our earth centered traditions, namely various Native American beliefs and customs. So far, it is going extremely well. The children have really been responding to all the various activities. This is my third year being involved in the process, and I am pleased with how well it is coming together.

I would love, though, for the UUA to come out with summer camp curriculum. While we have a general format that my congregation follows, we are pretty much starting from scratch every year with the content. It would be very helpful to have some materials already available that we could modify as needed. Maybe this is available and I don't know about it, but I have not come across anything. I think it would be fascinating to nationally tie together youth camps so when youth come together at various conferences or events, they would have an even deeper base of common knowledge. I have seen several Christian camp curriculum packages and am impressed with the overall cohesiveness of them. Why do we not have this? How helpful would this be? Do any of you know of any efforts being made in this area? If not, I will certainly broach them with the suggestion.

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christinedaukas said...

Hi and Happy Summer Fellow UU Teacher, I am new DRE (Dir. of Religious Education) here in Costa Mesa CA (OCUUC). Before I arrived the committee purchased the UU World Traveler program for the summer. With participation from the congregation members and a few modifications it has been going very well. I also heard great things about their Harry Potter summer program from last year. Not certain as to where they got that. I would love to do summer curriculum on "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" but will need to come up with it. We definitely need a DRE UU blogspot. Would love to start one as soon as I have my lessons for Sunday, Yikes, gotta go,
Keep in Touch,
Christine Daukas