Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Super Silly

Why? Because summer is almost over and my head just can't put together a decent, meaningful post. I don't know how the rest of you do it!

Here I am. Your typical, liberal Midwestern 35 year old. Pretty average in about everything. Yet, I have noticed through my life, that I attract certain things. In random order:

1. Single shoes left in the road. It is amazing how many I have found. Who are all these one-shoed (sp?) people? Why do they leave their shoes in the road? Why just one?

2. Bleeding children. I have a huge blood phobia. Somehow (like cats), they sense this and follow me everywhere. I can not tell you how much children bleed. It is remarkable they make it to adulthood.

3. People from Pennsylvania. Everywhere I turn, I meet someone from Pennsylvania. Like flies, they have spread through this country and have found me. Fortunately, I have greatly liked all of them!

4. Finally, toads. I see them everywhere. Especially when I come home late at night - they like to jump out and give me a heart attack. I must give off some special pheromone that calls to them....
Yes, a silly list, but all TRUE!! If you are feeling up to it, I would love to hear all the odd things you "attract"!


Melanie said...

Mike is originally from PA, so add another one to your list!

plaidshoes said...

Too funny! Also, when we were just in WY (two days ago), my uncle brought over a box of baby toads for the kids to play with at my grandmas. There must have been at least thirty of them. Why toads? Because they follow me everywhere - even to Wyoming!