Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Day's Work...

Applesauce and Jalapeno Jelly

I worked all afternoon on these eleven jars. I feel like for all the effort in picking, washing, chopping, and boiling, I should have at least five times this! I love canning, but sometimes I wish it didn't require so much work. I have to keep reminding myself that I will appreciate it in January!


Angelina said...

I like to think about how this is really how it should be: that our food doesn't come to us so easily as a package so that we always remember what goes into it. In all of man's time on earth before the past 60 years we have had to catch our food and prepare it. Most of our working lives seemed to go into the preparation and procuring of what we needed to eat.

Now you don't have to do these things. Doing them for me is a meditation of thanks, in a way. It's a lot of work and my back starts hurting, and like you I look at my jars at the end of the day and ask "Is that all?"

But then no bite of that food you made will be taken for granted. You have done something wonderful for your family. A complete labor of love and well being.

(Don't I sound a little like a preacher?)

plaidshoes said...

You do sound like a preacher ;-)! But you are right, I try to keep that in perspective when I am canning. Plus, I do feel a great sense of satisfaction when I look at all the jars accumulating in the pantry. I just wish I had as much as you! I am very envious of all your mass production abilities.