Monday, September 1, 2008

Goodbye Chocolate Chip

Our beloved hermit crab Chocolate Chip has passed on. He was brought home from the Montessori for the summer and only lived with us for a few months this year and last summer. It was enough time for us to grow quite fond of him. We have had bad luck with school pets. Last summer while keeping the school's hamster (whom we affectionately named Vanilla Ice), it also died on us. Why? I like to think that we are careful animal sitters - we have had a dog for 13 years!

Our middle child is very sensitive to loss. He takes them very personally and very hard. I have chosen not to tell him for a couple of days. Tomorrow is the first day of school and that alone will be tough enough for him. He has difficulty with change and I can't bear to add to his challenges. While he knows death is a part of life, he has always been acutely aware of its finality. So we will wait and have a ceremony for Chocolate Chip that honor's what he meant to our family and especially my son.

I would love to hear any traditions you might have for the loss of a pet.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about Chocolate Chip. My condolences! What a bummer! Have you found any good pet loss books for kids your middle one's age?

goodwolve said...

You can't get better then Mr Rogers -

I hope that you and your family are ok. I just wrote an article about pet loss and how families deal with it. It is a tough subject.