Saturday, October 11, 2008

Close of the Season

I remember last January making big plans for our garden. I was determined that it would provide a substantial portion of our vegetables (the rest being provided by our CSA). Oh, how easily plans are made with the best of intentions and how quickly they fail! There were several reasons why the big garden did not happen, most notably the completely over-whelming part-time job. But, the season was not a complete loss. In my optimism, I ordered a bunch of berries and strawberries. (I have this dream of having a huge berry farm...) Of course, I procrastinated and didn't plant them right away. Thus, I ended up with three live strawberry plants and one raspberry bush. Amazingly, the bush actually produced some wonderful raspberries! I was so excited. My kids were a little wary, though, as they are yellow, not red, raspberries.

Mother nature also pulled a few strings for me. I love heirloom tomatoes and seeded them way too late. But, wouldn't you know, it was the wettest spring on record and I couldn't plant them until later anyway! I am now fortunate enough to still have fresh tomatoes. Nature also heard my laments about not having planted any jalapeno peppers. Low and behold when I started scavenging around my very weedy and overgrown garden I found a volunteer plant. Yeah! My lazy composting paid off!

When I look back, while the gardening year did not go as expected, it wasn't a bust. I did get vegetables and herbs. But, my eternally optimistic nature is already planning how fantastic next year's garden will be....


Anonymous said...

I dream of a beautiful garden every year, and usually we wind up with perennial herbs and weeds. Next year, we WILL have a beautiful garden (I hope!).


plaidshoes said...

I think gardener's have to have such an outlook otherwise we would become frustrated too fast!

We should set up an informal gardening support group. We could motivate eachother to get out there!

If there are any other gardener's out there, chime in and we can get a group going!

Teresa said...

Hi there,
Have you ever come across Square Foot Gardening? It might really help, especially if your kids took responsibility for a square foot each to grow whatever they like (within reason ;) )
Best Wishes,

plaidshoes said...

Teresa - I LOVE that idea! I also think my kids would really get into it. Thanks for mentioning it. I think we will definately try it next Spring.