Monday, October 20, 2008

Nacht Spaziergang


We have recently added a new pet to the family, Daisy. She is a wonderful mixed-breed, four year-old, rescued dog. She comes to us after a year and a half at a no-kill shelter. She is gentle and well-behaved. The kids love her, as do I! I am hoping this is the beginning of a long relationship, it is off to such a great start.

One of the added benefits of Daisy, is the return of being able to walk at night. I love walking at night, but don't feel particularly safe without a companion. Daisy fits the bill perfectly! With the weather turning cooler, the evenings have been perfect. I love walking around when it is quiet and still out. Everything seems so peaceful. I like to imagine people in their houses winding down for the night, a calm in the air. I love being able to see the stars and hear the leaves blowing in the wind. It is my favorite time of the night and I am glad to be able to enjoy it again.

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