Sunday, October 12, 2008

Unsung Volunteers

Since beginning work as the Volunteer Membership Coordinator, I have become increasingly aware of all the "silent" volunteers at our congregation. I have been amazed at the long term dedication of members of our congregation. I always new R. made the coffee. I didn't realize that she helps stuff all the recycling bags for pick-up. I never knew that C. took it upon herself to make name tags for members. J. has been dedicated in following up with emails and letters to new visitors. L. has been putting packets together for new members for years. I am sure that there are even more, and to all of you I say THANK YOU! Without all your work behind the scenes our church would not be the welcoming place it is.


Elizabeth J. Barrett said...

Yes, it is great to know that a number of people are doing the behind-the-scenes jobs. At the congregation where I work, the membership committee has been going great guns. Our November newsletter will include a long list of names of helpers so that these people get "sung."

plaidshoes said...

That is a really great idea. I think I will do that, too!