Monday, December 1, 2008

Bah Humbugness

It is already December 1st and my yearly bah humbugness has returned. I just don't like the Christmas season. I don't like the running around, the gift buying, feeling over extended, etc. I do like being with family, snow, and the quietness of the winter season. Every year, though, these positive aspects get lost in all the brouhaha that is Christmas. I try to simplify the season, but have family members that like to go all out, no matter how hard I try to reign them in. I also have a romantic for a husband who is very intent on creating the perfect memories for our children. He was very fortunate to have a wonderful childhood, and, of course, wants our children to have that. Hard to argue with that. I do too, but, honestly, I don't remember very many of my Christmases. Mine mostly entailed traveling West into huge snowstorms, hoping a semi wouldn't knock you off the road in the blinding storms. I have LOTS of memories of that. What really came through in my memories of Christmas was that you spent it with family, not what was under the tree.

I would love to hear what stands out in your mind about Christmas.

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Shannon said...

yes. me too. was thinking of posting about this. SO MANY of my friends woke up monday morning instantly depressed. so weird.