Friday, December 12, 2008

Environmental Question

I have awful eyesight. Not only am I very nearsighted, I also have a weird issue where my eyes don't like to focus (even though they are perfectly able t0), thus causing lots of headaches whenever I spend too much time reading, typing, sewing, etc. Anyway, through the many years of needing glasses I have been bouncing back and forth between glasses and contacts. Because of yet another issue, I have been almost exclusively wearing glasses the last couple of years. But, I tend to keep a back-up supply of contacts for "special" occasions. In my ever increasing efforts to become more environmentally friendly, I have been wondering what is the best option. I don't ever hear people really talk about this. I am assuming glasses because of the long life they have, but I really don't know the whole process of making them versus contacts.

Any thoughts out there? I imagine it will always come down to personal preference, but maybe there is such a thing as "green" glasses and contacts?

Gift Update: I am making steady progress. Some have been moved down the list while others up!


Anna Banana said...

No environmental wisdom here, but maybe vision therapy could help with your focusing problem. My son had that problem and vision therapy helped him. Pricey, though. It cost us about $1200. In the long view, not that expensive...

plaidshoes said...

I have thought about doing vision therapy, it feels like it gets worse every year. Maybe once all the kids are in school and I have a little more time ;-)

Shannon said...

Glasses hands down. Glasses are a one time purchase product.

Contacts come in disposable packaging and require cleaners and solutions that also come in hard to recycle packaging.

In hard economic times glasses can be worn for years at a time and repaired, even if sort of unsightly. Glasses can also be donated and used by others.

Contacts on the other hand have a very specific shelf life and must be replaced.

Good job on the Christmas list!

Anonymous said...

Some of our friends own an optical store...I could ask if there are any manufacturers who are trying to be a bit greener in terms of what they use, if that would be helpful.

Personally, I think glasses are way more interesting than contacts. It's like dressing up your face. :)

plaidshoes said...

I have always figured glasses would be the greener option - just as you mentioned, Shannon, with all the work and packaging involved in contacts. But, Danack, I would be very interested in hearing if there are any green contact or glasses options out there. If you ever get a chance to ask your friend, I would really appreciate it! Thanks, everyone!