Sunday, December 14, 2008


No, but definitely perfect. We had our annual Christmas pageant today. It is the first year that all three kiddos have been in it. It is fascinating to watch their personalities come through on stage. My daughter, an angel, took great care in making sure she did exactly what was expected of the Angels. Middle son was a very reluctant Shepherd and spent the time glaring at the audience, but grudgingly gave me a very nice picture. Youngest son was very excited to be a sheep and played the role to its fullest - cute ears and all.

What I love best about pageants is watching all the children shine. I have at one time or another taught most of the kids in the pageant. Some I thought would never participate and there they were singing a solo! speaking lines! participating! Just like with my own children, I enjoy watching them bring themselves to the part. This is one of the aspects of coming together in community that I love. Even though those are not my children, I care about them and I know other parents care about my children. I want the best for them and I want them to be able to confidently spread their wings. I want our church to be part of this process. I want our church to matter to our children.

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