Monday, December 29, 2008

January Membership Moment

As some of you may know, I am the Volunteer Membership Coordinator at my congregation. I am new to it this year, but it is something I very much enjoy. As part of my responsibilities, I write an article for our monthly newsletter. As I finished my latest installment, I thought, "why not share it with you all?". Therefore, I will now start posting them on this site. Following are my January thoughts (I did edit out some identifying marks):

Membership Moment

I hope by now the bustle of the holiday season has worn down and the quiet(er) calm of January has set in. For me, this is often a time of personal reflection. It is a time to take stock of the past year and look to where I want to head in the next. While I don’t generally make resolutions, I do try to take an honest look at my life and the direction that it is heading. What is going well? Where do I want to make changes? How do I want to shape the coming year?

An important aspect that is often overlooked in our New Year’s review is our spiritual life. How are we growing in our spiritual development? Rare is the person who has “finished” their spiritual growth. Are you taking the time to meet your spiritual needs? Is F. meeting your spiritual needs? Spirituality has many manifestations. Some of us find it in nature (F. Hikers), others in small group ministry (Covenant Groups). Maybe being an active steward of the Earth (F.’s Green groups) fulfills you or study of historical texts (F. Bible Study). Perhaps human dignity (Room At the Inn) and social justice (Family Alliance) are what brings you closer to living your faith. These are just a sampling of the variety of ways that F. can help you on your spiritual journey. I encourage you to look at yourself, your family, your life and follow that path that brings meaning to you.

Volunteer Membership Coordinator


Anna Banana said...

Can you post about what you do as VMC sometime? Our UU definitely needs someone to recruit volunteers for committees. Are you a volunteer or are you paid? We can't afford to pay someone. What have been effective strategies? Calling? Emailing? Yahoo group? Program council? Any help you can give would be appreciated.

plaidshoes said...

Hi Anna,

I will write up a post about it. Quickly, though, I am a volunteer (hoping to be paid next year) and I focus mostly on membership/becoming a member and helping people find their niche within the congregation. I don't find specific volunteers, but hope to get interested/talented parties directed towards groups that could use their help (and hopefully provide that same benefit to the volunteer). In the next day or so, I write up a post of exactly all that I do. Thanks for the interest!