Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Chalice Camp HELP!

Thanks to comments from my previous post about the UUA developing summer camp curriculum, I have learned that Oakland has developed a Chalice Camp that they run every summer. From what I have seen, it looks wonderful but I can not find any published curriculum at the UUA site. Perhaps it is lost in the void when the new site was developed? If any of you can find it, please post the link in my comments section. I am very interested in the "nuts & bolts" of the camp. I also noticed that they previously (and still?), charge quite a bit for the camp. From what I gathered it is off-site and very intensive. I am really looking for a half-day curriculum that would be low cost to members and volunteer led. Thanks for the help!


Kari said...

The only summer camp curriculum that I'm aware of (none from UUA) is the Culture Camp offered by the folks at the Culture Company. I'm have some concerns about some of the program, but some people really love it. You could also check out UUCards which is where lots of fantabulous curriculum is found. :-)

Steve Caldwell said...

The Oakland CA camp program isn't a "UUA" program - it was developed locally by the Oakland UU church.

Someone in Boston may have a copy of what you're looking for but I think you'll have better success contacting the Oakland UU congregation directly.

Also, you may want to go online and join the REACH-L email list. This is the UU religious educator listserv. On this list, you can contact hundreds of UU religious educators across the US and Canada.

They can point you towards the various camp curricula that have been developed and/or adapted for non-camp curricula.

For example, my district's camp is going to use a UU Harry Potter curricula for this summer's camp. This is an adaptation of a weekly curriculum that is used for weekly sessions in a congretation.

Hope this helps.