Friday, February 20, 2009

Garden Time

Yep, it is that time of year - at least here in the Midwest. Because I am always a little behind, I just put in my order for seeds. I am very excited. Once again, I have very high hopes for my garden. I have a subscription to Mother Earth News and every time I receive a copy, I think "that is what my garden is going to look like.." Of course, it doesn't (otherwise why would I keep saying this ;-). But, a girl can dream. And this year I am dreaming big. I plan on planting the following:

*Rhubarb - this will be the third year for the patch - it has been hard to establish this far south
*Garlic - already planted last fall
*Lettuce - 2 varieties
*Brussels Sprouts
*Asparagus - third year for the patch- should be able to harvest this year
*Tomatoes - 4/5 varieties
*Bell peppers - green & red

*Strawberries - started patch last year and will plant some more starts
*Blueberries - failed last year, trying again
*Raspberries - already have a yellow variety, am now planting a red variety
*2 Apple trees - we will see how these do...

*Basil - tons of it. somehow need to keep the Japanese beetle from eating it all
various medicinal herbs - depends on availability

What you won't see: any sort of squash or melon. We have had a HORRIBLE invasion of the squash bug. By far the ugliest bug alive. My husband is adamant that he never see it again, so we will have to depend upon the CSA and farmer's market for those. Very disappointing because I would love to have cucumbers and watermelon.

Definitely a big goal. I will start many seeds as soon as they arrive, but plant the lettuce and spinach directly in the ground. I am going to try to start posting pictures of the progress as a way to keep me on task!

Anybody else planning their gardens? I would love to hear what you are planting this year.


DanaCK said...

Have you seen the Gardens Alive catalogue? They carry environmentally-friendly pest control products, including a Japanese beetle trap. It sold for between $10-$13.

I know how you feel about them—I usually leave bugs alone, but when I see Japanese beetles, I flick them off of whatever plants they are on. Yuck!

plaidshoes said...

Thank you for the tip, Dana. I will definately check it out. The beetles drive me crazy and make me so frustrated when they eat all the Basil and my roses!