Wednesday, February 25, 2009


It is that time of year that many Christians take very seriously. So seriously that they have a big party before it. Alright, that might be more fiction then fact, but there is a celebration before the quiet. The quiet. I have written before on my thoughts of lent. So I won't rehash them too much, but I will once again make the statement that everyone can benefit from a time of quiet reflection. Not a minute here and there, but actual reflection for an extended period of time. For lent, Christians typically make a sacrifice for the forty days before Easter. In these more "modern" times it tends to be giving up something like caffeine, TV, sweets. While this is fine, I would approach lent as a way to reflect upon your personal life and ways in which you can bring about the best you. I believe in Jesus as a teacher. Why not look at his life and ways in which you can encapsulate and live it with the grace and purpose that he did. If Jesus doesn't speak to you, how about delving into the life of someone you do admire and feel has made in impact in the world. See what you can learn from their example and put it in practice. I would look to Lent as time of study, reflection and then action. The quiet of Lent is a time for developing possibilities, and the celebration of Easter is the time realize your new beginnings and all that the future can bring.

I hope Lent brings this to you.


flyraeven said...

This is a wonderful way to look at Lent, and something I have been craving. Thank you!

plaidshoes said...

Thank you, flyraeven! I am glad it spoke to you.

Anonymous said...

Plaidshoes, you got press in the latest issue of UU World magazine's Blog Roundup. Way to go!


plaidshoes said...

Thanks, Susan, I just noticed that last night! I have never been in print and am super excited ;-)

Also - could you please email me again? I was out of town when you sent the last one and my dh accidentally erased it and I can't find it! I wanted to write back ;-)