Sunday, February 1, 2009

A little motivation.....

is all it takes.

As a congregation, we were very close to meeting a membership goal. We just couldn't quite get there. Until today. It seems like people needed a little extra nudge to sign the membership book. Our minister announced how close we were to meeting our magic number and the extra benefits the congregation would receive. That did the trick. On a normal membership book signing (first Sunday of every month), I would get a couple of new members. Today, 36 people signed the book! I guess people needed a rallying point. I had people who had been attending for 20 years sign the book for the first time! I was overwhelmed and not at all prepared. Once I got my bearings, it was fantastic to see so many people take an important step in their lives. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of coming together for a goal. A lot of people I talked to had been meaning to join for years and are already very involved in church life. They just needed a little nudge to make it "official".

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dana said...

I think that the reticence to become a member is a very UU thing. Kind of like couples who are together for 15 years and don't feel the need to "make it official" by getting married. I applaud you and your minister's efforts!