Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Summer Camp Planning

I am making yet another plea to the UUA to develop a summer camp curriculum. It is desperately needed. How do I know this? I am getting an increasing number of hits by people searching for UU summer camp curriculum. My congregation puts on a camp every summer and it is very well attended. And every summer we develop it from scratch based on a theme. While we have a general format, the content is developed fresh each year. This is a lot of work! I can't believe that the UUA couldn't have a few basic curriculums developed as a basis for congregations to adapt. Almost every other major religion has something easily available for its members. I feel this is even more important as many churches tend to be less formal during the summer months. Bible camps are ubiquitous in my area and my children want to go to them to be with their friends. It is almost a cultural norm. Our children should have this opportunity. My church is around 550 members and has the volunteers available to make a camp happen. Not every congregation does. If there was already a prepared curriculum that only required modifications, a camp could be possible in many more congregations. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, UUA, consider developing one. Maybe you already are?


Steve Caldwell said...

I would do a Google search for "UU Chalice Camp" and see the results you find for various UU summer camps done using the "Chalice Camp" curriculum over the past few years.

Anonymous said...

The First Unitarian Church of Oakland has members who created a Chalice Camp program, now in it's sixth or 7th year - a curriculum has been published, and a workshop held at GA: http://archive.uua.org/ga/ga04/3043.html

to contact leaders re: curriculum

email chalicecamp@gmail.com

plaidshoes said...

Thank you all for the input! I will definately look into the Chalice Camp resources. Hopefully the information will also help all the people bouncing to my blog looking for information!

I am wondering, then, if it just needs to be more publicizd?