Monday, February 9, 2009

Wonderful Service & Young Adults

Sunday's service was probably one of the best of the church year. It was presented by our Senior Youth Group. They did an amazing job. It was centered around the theme of love and everything from the songs to the homily reflected that. I was completely impressed. I sat through the service thinking that this is what I hope for my children. This is why we attend a UU church. These kids get it. We stand on the side of love, in all its forms. It was very engaging and inspiring. My only wish is that more people would have attended. The youth really gave me hope for the future and the continuation of open religion.

I also sat there pondering, "how do we capture this energy when they leave for college and into young adulthood?". I would love to see a greater UU presence on college and community college campuses. Our theological schools would benefit in providing specialties in growing these ministries. I know many congregations try to continue to welcome their youth back when they are home - but how many are really integrated to a productive level? There are lots of unique issues that young adults pose, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't start developing ways to encourage their involvement in congregations. We need to develop new methods adapted to their unique circumstances. It saddens me to have such excited, involved youth feel left out once they leave home. Connections need to be maintained, strengthened, or redeveloped as new young adults come to the congregation. I hope the candidates running for UUA president really spend some time reflecting on this important aspect of UUism.

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