Monday, March 9, 2009

No More Buses

Due to the "tough economic times", our areas Metro Bus Service route's have been greatly reduced. I live in a far northern suburb that is mostly middle/working class with many residents relying on the bus. I have been noticing more and more signs up warning riders that as of March 31st, the bus will no longer stop there. In a previous life, I worked with local resettled refugees. Most of them very dependent upon the bus. It saddens me, because this is such a vicious cycle. My neighbors and my former clients want to work but don't have access to reliable transportation. Our bus system was already not ideal and now is just becoming pathetic. I have no doubt that it costs a lot of money to run bus routes, but it is such a short term solution. It is yet another obstacle people will need to overcome to find a job in an already competitive market. Additionally, it does not behoove anyone to have residents who are unable to find work because there is no bus to take them to or from a job. Obviously, if a person can't get to work, they can't pay the rent/mortgage. I know people will suggest carpooling. Which is great when it is established and the person driving has a reliable vehicle, but often falls apart when the car breaks down, the person changes jobs or becomes ill. Public transportation is needed to keep local economies vibrant and people of all income levels employed. Cities and counties really need to take a look at their priorities and whether or not it makes sense for them to put up more obstacles to their citizens' futures.


Anonymous said...

Yes, our society can be maddingly ?!)short-sighted!

DanaCK said...

I read this the same day that had a post about the ramifications of reducing bus service on people with a low income:

It boggles the mind that in this day and age, we are reducing public transportation. I hope this situation isn't permanent.