Monday, April 27, 2009

And then he was Five

I call him my baby. He immediately declares "I am NOT A BABY!" I reply, "In my heart, you will always be my baby." He is OK with that. On most days, I am OK with that. I want him to grow up and discover life and this crazy world. But, as my youngest, I want time to slow down so I can really savor every moment of this last "baby". For some reason, five seems to signal that babyhood is behind and childhood is ahead. Not that this is bad, but what a wonderful babyhood he has had. Husband and I often joke that L. got the best of all our recessive genes. The four other of us are pretty introverted, don't like to make a scene, fade into the background people. Then there is L. He is just out there. He is exactly what you see. He talks (all the time), full of funny observations. He not only has opinions, but demands that they be heard. He likes to be the center of attention. He is full of energy and ideas and is always on the go. He has curly hair(!). Where did he come from?!?! - from two parents that love him dearly. Happy Birthday, L.!!


Bridgett said...

Very, very cute!

LisaS said...

quite cute! happy Birth-day, two days late.