Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April Garden Update

Things are progressing very nicely in the garden. First, though, I apologize for all the sideways shots, but I am sure you will get the idea.

This is the garden "proper". Garlic is up, rhubarb looks fantastic and we are actually getting asparagus!

This is rows of broccoli, peas, cabbage, lettuce and spinach. They probably could have gone in earlier - but that isn't my style ;-) Also not pictured is a bell pepper plant, lavender and rosemary.

The strawberry patch. We are all very excited for it. The bigger plants are from last year and we added more little plants this year. Hopefully, by next year, it will be well established.

Our yellow raspberry bush. This actually produced last year. Next to it is a new one we just planted. It is red because the kids were very suspicious of the yellow ones and didn't want to eat them!

I am determined to get blueberries! I know these little stick swill someday produce.

The cooking herb box. I have done nothing, but the oregano, thyme, sage and chives are determined to do well. I have started the basil inside.
I don't have a picture of the medicinal herb box - it looks the same. I have started inside yarrow, skullcap, bergamot and lovage.

All my tomato starts are doing well, as is the jalapenos. I hope to get those outside this weekend.

I just had to show a picture of our asparagus. It is exciting to finally have some. This is the first batch.
I am feeling pretty good about the garden. I will be a little more relaxed once the tomatoes are in - they are really ready and I don't want to lose them!


Bridgett said...

Sigh. Except for the garlic and thyme, I am so far behind!!

Rebecca Hecking said...

Looking good! I just planted asparagus and rhubarb this year, so we will have to wait at least another year for our feast.

At the moment, I need to weed. you are WAY ahead of me there.

Shannon said...

looks wonderful!!

Angelina said...

I'm so happy you're posting garden pictures! It looks good. I'm so envious of the asparagus.

Anonymous said...

what are you doing to keep the nibblers away this year? We are so behind too, but we do have some stuff in the ground..wondering if it'll get eaten by birds & bunnies as soon as it sprouts!

plaidshoes said...

Thanks for the kuddos! Now, if I can just maintain this through the hot July and August.

Mary - we have a chicken wire fence around the garden, strawberries, and other berries. The herb boxes are all raised, so that helps with the bunnies, although I think I did find the start of one of their nests in one! I planted a bunch of marigolds to help ward them off. My biggest issue is the japanese beetle. Every year they attack my basil. I usually have to cover it for a few weeks. Good Luck!