Friday, April 3, 2009

Yay Iowa!

I always knew Iowa was a great state. Now I have another reason:


Bill Baar said...

Look on poll data on attitudes towards ssm and you'll see growing acceptance until a court decides like this. Then opposition spikes.

This is the worst of ways to get this change made.

Iowa will be a bigger backlash than California, and then your stuck with a constitutional definition of marriage.

plaidshoes said...

That may or may not happen. But, today, I will enjoy the good news!

Robin Edgar said...

I think that what Bill Baar is reasonably suggesting with his cautionary comment here is that today's good news can lead to less than good news aka bad news down the road a bit. Time will tell if he is right in this assessment but, if he is right, this good news is not *really* good news. In any case, suggesting that any state is "a great state" in response to a "good news" court decision is a bit of a stretch. Will Iowa suddenly become a bad state the next time an Iowa state court makes a "less than great" aka "bad news" decision?

plaidshoes said...

I will always think that Iowa is a great state - I actually said that this is just another reason ;-) I very much understand Bill's comment, but I am choosing to live in the present and just enjoy it. Sure, there may be a horrible backlash and Iowa will look less then wonderful, and this news will not be good, but for right now, it is. Iowa has lots of great attributes, it is definately not defined by one court decision.