Saturday, June 27, 2009

How "Green" is GA?

For all of you attending GA this year, I am curious about how green the conference is. Does the facility provide easy recycling? Are there reusable glasses, plates, utensils? Has there been an increased push to only use printed materials when absolutely necessary? What about the energy costs? Is there any carbon-offsetting? What about the food? Is it local? Fair Trade? How sustainable is the overall conference? I feel these are important issues to many of our members, including myself.

I would appreciate hearing how the UUA is addressing these issues. Since I am obviously not there, please comment if you are able!


Kari said...

running running just a quick reply

WAY too much paper use, pres campaigns the worst offenders.

recycle and compost options in the food area of the exhibit hall

recycle in the hotels

food...well, not publicized as local, doubt it. (except at the Italian bistro the Olive Bistro with my friend Seth the nice waiter! Organic food and great service.

We can do better. But it is an improvement.


Joseph Santos-Lyons said...

I would say we have a long way to go. Moving into hotels, massive transportation carbon emissions, and insistence on 5 star accommodations, means serious environmental impacts.

Not to mention the hotspot we create from 3500 UU's texting, emailings and calling from their PDA's, listening to their ipods, and going for spa. Seriously though, I'm part of this, so I'm as guilty.

I do wish we would have GA every 4 years, but would live with ever 2 years. I wish we would also move to an August date and be able to take over a college campus, like we used to. And honestly, live a bit more simply during the week.

Not to mention, getting rid of these plastic name tags, and doing what we did in YRUU - make them out of recycled wood!

Anonymous said...

Don't know if they have eco friendly conference badges but Education And More sells a Fair Trade and ecofriendly lanyard that has a badgeholder made of plants! Every green conference might consider them as a green alternative to plastic badgeholders.


plaidshoes said...

Kare, thanks for the tip. I had never heard of that. I wonder if the UUA has any sort of task for to work on the greening of conferences. I know that it would be impossible to make them completely sustainable, but it seems like there are definate areas of improvemnt.

Joseph - I did not know that they used to be on college campuses. I almost wish we would go back to that. For me, the hotel costs are pretty much what keep me away.

Kari - thanks for the run-down! I have been reading all your posts and I appreciate you taking a moment to write, I know how busy you have been!

Does anyone know who to contact about greening the conference?