Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am trying to set-up a little alter/sacred space in our house. If you have something like that, I would appreciate hearing how you went about it. My space is limited and currently just has a few books on Unitarian Universalism (adult and child), a small chalice, UUSC donation box and finger labyrinth. Yet, it just doesn't feel spiritual, welcoming or sacred. I also want it to be child friendly. I don't know, I just am not sure how to go about setting up something meaningful. I know it should be reflective of our family and values, but currently it feels a little stilted and not inspiring. Thoughts? Ideas?


Kari said...

I LOVE our little place of wonder and beauty in the house--we have special things that we've collected over the years; the shell from Georgia that looks like the ear of a baby; the rock that is shaped like a heart; a big amethyst chunk from my friend and photos of people we love. There's a Tibetan prayer bowl and a chalice, and all of it is very touchable. Enjoy making this in your home!

Mickbic said...

I live with my sister and her husband, so my sacred space is primarily my loft bedroom, particularly the top of my dresser and the window ledge. I have a 5 by 7 framed copy of the Prayer of Jabez that I printed and hand colored. I also have a few family photographs and two postcards of celebrities. I have a March Madness framed print that is a keepsake from a road trip three years ago.

There is a small set of plastic bins with a lamp on top nearby and I often pray and meditate some with the light on before attempting to drift off to sleep.

Use what is sacred to you for whatever reason and make something that transports you to the highest and the best.

Bridgett said...

At one time, I had a copies of the desiderata and the Oscar Romero "builders not master workmen" homily in a little windowsill I used as a sacred space, along with a bible, some nature objects of various sorts (heart shaped rocks are my very favorite, Kari), depending on the season, also very much touchable things...a cloth a friend gave me, etc.

Rebecca Hecking said...

I wrote my Monday blog on this topic. fyi, in case you hadn't seen it.


DanaCk said...

I had a friend who reserved a corner of a room for an altar for her mother, who had recently died. She had photos, jewelry, a candle, and a music stand.

This sounds like a wonderful family project. I'd love to see a picture when you are done!