Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Individual vs. Group

I will never understand how people can think that the health of the group would not benefit themselves as individuals. The debate on healthcare has greatly saddened me. It makes me sick and angry that we have such a pathetic healthcare system that is tied to our employment. It frustrates me that people are so afraid of the government, that they are willing to deny healthcare to fellow citizens - themselves included. It scares me that my husband could by laid-off and we would have no medical insurance. It should not be like this. I can't stand that I live in a country that allows this to continue. It is shameful that we allow our neighbors to suffer because we will not step up and demand this human right.


Bridgett said...

Oh I know. more than last november, more than "don't let the terrorists win" era of 2001-2002 and beyond, more than ever before, I'm so ashamed of my fellow Americans and what we're doing. So much for the Christian values we claim to hold so dear. It just disgusts me.

Bill Baar said...

Moving to Canada not much of an option either...they've got problems too.

I pay $87 a month for Hospitalization and Medical for my kid from Blue Cross Blue Shield Illinois. Not bad coverage for the price... unless you have pre existings, you should call your blues.

Bill Baar said...

I should add on the group vs individual thing, you'll never feel more individual than when your sick in the ER or Hospital. You'll never feel more alone or feel the divide than sick and healthy than when you join the ranks of the the sick.

Especially if you're really sick.

Matt said...

What is mostly at stake here is the concept of preventive medicine. Most hospitals will admit and cure someone who does not have health insurance. Afterwords the patient has a big bill and all the problems that are associated. This is even if Medicare pays for part of the treatment. (still a government run program funded by taxpayers)

Health Insurance really helps covering preventive medicine that will catch and prevent many of the problems that eventually lead to hospitalization.

Overall society would benefit from the majority having preventive medicine as it would reduce expensive hospital stays for routine problems, absence from work, less people would be chronically sick, and more people would be able to afford health care in general. A monthly premium and small copay bills are much better then tens of thousands of dollars from expensive hospital stays. Not to mention going into debt and having bad credit to pay for the bills.