Friday, August 21, 2009

Laughing at Myself

Yesterday I heard a news report stating that MO was instituting tighter cattle wrestling laws. Now, I grew up in Iowa and am fairly aware of various cattle diversions. Mostly the infamous cow-tipping runs. I have never heard of cow wrestling before. I was sitting in the car listening to the news announcer discussing all of this like it was very common and quite a problem. I couldn't figure it out. All I could picture were people wrestling cows for sport, but it seemed so ridiculous. Then I thought maybe cows were wrestling each other. Now if you have ever hung out with cows, that also seems very impossible. Finally I just let it go as something outside my realm of knowledge.

Today I am reading the paper and come across the article. Of course - cow rustling, not cow wrestling. I do need to get out this little world I live in inside my head.


Bridgett said...

that's awesome. I would have heard that wrong most likely as well.

Rebecca Hecking said...

That sounds like something I would think! When I "mis-hear" something, I'll overthink it to death, then feel like an idiot when I realize what it was supposed to be. It reminds me of a Saturday Night Live sketch from the 70s, where Gilda Radner's character on Weekend Update was ranting about how ridiculous it was to worry about "violins on television" After several minutes, Jane Curtin told her it was "violence" not "violins". She responded with a sheepish "never mind." LOL

plaidshoes said...

I am so glad to see that I am not the only one who could mis-hear. I felt like a complete dork. What is sad is that I actually spent some time trying to figure it out!

Montessori Mama said...

Making me smile. How much do I love thee...let me count the ways...
You are such a gem.
Thanks for this and ALL your posts.