Friday, September 25, 2009

Girl Scout Saga - Part I

Sometimes I feel like all the Girl Scout Troop leaders should get together and write a book. Oh, the stories that would come out. I imagine it is because I have been sick for almost two weeks and spent most of last night coughing up a lung, that I am extra cranky with them today. The GS are all about classes and prerequisites that leaders need to take before you can move an inch (maybe a little exaggeration-but not much). One of my big goals this year is to take my Junior troop, 4th & 5th graders, on a camping trip to one of the GS campsites. Now to do this, I have to take a camping procedures class. I am actually ok with this since I am not at all a camper. Always good to be prepared, right? I think that is our motto... Anyway, before I take the class, I have to fill out a worksheet/quiz. So, through my hacking, I start filling out the worksheet. It quickly becomes clear that, I will not be camping, but cleaning. There are more rules about how to clean the campsite then there is anything else. It is crazy. Step by step procedures on how to clean the dutch oven. I could go into details but, OM Gosh, I have been doing dishes for decades and think I can manage with my OWN pot. Plus, there are details on numerous dos and don'ts on cleaning the toilet. I asked my husband if they have to clean the toilets at the Boy Scout camp and he looked at me like I was crazy. I feel like I will be camping at the most sanitary camp ground ever. Thus, is it really camping? I always thought one of the fun parts of camping was getting dirty and not caring! Now I feel like I am just moving my house outside, but expected to keep it just as clean.


Rebecca Hecking said...

You have my sympathy. For many years, I managed to keep myself as an unofficial helper at my daughter's girl scout meetings in part to avoid all the hassles of the overblown "training," much of which seemed to me like lawsuit-prevention more than serious training. Much of it is common sense, and a lot seemed to me to be overkill. The paperwork alone is daunting. It all boils down to liability and insurance. If a girl would get some sort of injury or infection on the trip, there might be a question of liability if procedures weren't followed to the letter. Sad, but that's the way things are anymore.

Bridgett said...

When are you taking camping procedures? I'm SEpt. 30 at South Tech. Are you taking troop camp A or B? I think (I hope, I haven't gotten the letter yet) I'm doing mine oct 7, 14, and 17 (for the non-GS folks, yes, that's 3 dates for a class I should really be able to test my way out of).

I didn't get a quiz, tho. Hmm. But yes, between you and me and there's a 63104 mom and one of the irish dance moms and the mom down the street....we could so write a book. Dibs on 1000 boxes of cookies mom!

Bridgett said...

Oh, and just wait until you try to camp offsite. Dang. I have to take a class to use propane. Which I've been using since my first camping trip as an adult. Sigh.

plaidshoes said...

Rebecca - Thanks for the sympathies! I am trying not to go crazy about it. You are right, though, I am sure most of it has to do with liability issues.

Bridgett - I am supposed to be taking the procedures class tomorrow at Cedarledge. I have never been to one of MO camps, so thought it would be good to see one. I am hoping I have a better night tonight. If I can't make that, then I will try South Tech or Fiddlecreek.

I do plan on taking troop camp, but am not sure which one. I was too late in prerequs for most of the fall A - except for one, and I am not sure I have all weekend for the last date. I am tempted by yours, but it is a forty minute drive to get there. I may have to wait until spring. So many decisions ;-)

You can have your 1000 cookie mom, I have my own cookie dad story!!