Saturday, September 12, 2009


Following is a clip from one of my favorite singers - Langhorne Slim. Every time I hear this song, I start pondering about Mary. My apologies that I couldn't find a better clip, but the first two verses are: Mary - are you the mother of my God?, Mary - are you sweeter then corn on the cob...

Something about this song just reminds me of the normalcy that Mary once possessed. While I don't profess to believe in the special divinity of Jesus, I do often wonder about her life. If you are a follower of her story, I can't imagine being fourteen(ish), living your life and, then, suddenly, having a "spirit" tell you that you would soon be giving birth to God. Not only that, your husband must somehow also believe that you are, indeed, immaculately impregnated and not by some other guy in the neighborhood. This seems to be a lot of responsibility put on someone so young. Can you imagine being newly married and dealing with all this? Marriage is hard enough without a divine presence thrown in.

I also can't imagine the pressure she must have been under to make sure he grew up with the right "moral values". Did God choose her because she already was an upstanding character? Why her? What did her parents think of all this? Were they flattered? appalled? nervous? From what I understand of the Old Testament, God could be pretty temperamental. I know if my daughter started claiming she was carrying the son of God, I might really start worrying about her sanity and future. Yet, it appears that she handled all of this with grace. Of course we will never really know. I believe that the bible is a great source of revisionist history. I can't imagine any of the writer's would make Mary seem any less then a wonderful mother. But, as almost all mother's know, we have our moments. I can't believe Mary didn't have hers. I like to think of her as someone who, although did not ask for any of this, rose to the occasion. She was under extreme hardship and given an almost impossible task. She also lost a child. I don't care if he was a God, he was still her child and what parent ever wants to see their son go through something like that. I wish we knew more about her. She is someone I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with. I can't imagine the stories she would have to tell!


Anonymous said...

Have you read "Looking for Mary" by Beverly Donofrio? I really enjoyed the book, it is about her search for faith through the VM. -- Susan

plaidshoes said...

I have read that book and loved it! Thank you for reminding me of who wrote it, I was thinking of re-reading it and now I can ;-)