Saturday, October 31, 2009


After 12 inches of rain in October (setting a new record), it has finally stopped raining. The sky is actually blue. Downside of 12 inches of rain? Pumping over 400 gallons of water out of our basement. I feel the universe is telling me that we didn't really need all that stuff. Now, if the universe would just come and clean up the mess. I am tired. Oh, so tired and the basement carpet needs to be shampooed, the floors bleached, and so much to be sorted, recycled and thrown away. Here is to hoping for a dryer November!


Anonymous said...

We went through the whole "universe is telling us we don't need so much stuff" when we moved from St. Louis to Wyoming, OH 17 months ago. Our house in St. Louis was 3100 sq. ft., and our house in OH is about 2000 sq. ft. with no basement, so I feel like we are growing down into our present house. Sorry about the flooding, that is a drag! I hope you get some rest soon -- along with peace of mind from decluttering!!


Anonymous said...

sorry! what an ordeal!
I went through a "get rid of stuff" after our flea problems the last two summers. we had to wash everything. pillows, bedding, and rugs, a couch, ok, but do we really need a zoo of stuffed animals?!