Tuesday, October 13, 2009

For you Sewers out there...

I was asked about what sewing blogs I follow. Below are some of my favorites, although be forewarned, once you start clicking through them you might be inspired to create something!

Angry Chicken by Amy Karol. This is a great blog for all sorts of indie sewing and crafts. She is also the author of my favorite sewing book: Bend the Rules Sewing.

Anna Maria Horner is an absolute favorite fabric designer. I love her colorful folksy style. She also has six kids, I have no idea how she does it all.

Heather Bailey is my other absolute favorite fabric designer. Her work is just so pretty. She also has lots of cute and fun patterns. She just came out with a new line of fabric and felt!

Oh Fransson by Elizabeth Hartmen. I love her take on more modern quilts. She is especially inspirational in quilts that I might actually be able to make.

Wee Wonderfuls by Hilary Lang. She has wonderful sewing and embroidery patterns featuring children and animals. I have made several of her things and love them.

Gorgeous Things. The women who writes this blog and owner of the online store does fantastic home garment sewing. She also write pattern reviews and tutorials. I have learned a lot about clothes sewing from this site.

Craft Apple writes great craft sewing patterns. I have made several of her things for gifts- especially popular is her crayon holder.

Craft a Green World. I love this site for all its ideas on recycled fabric sewing and environmentally friendly fabric and sewing supplies.

Posie Gets Cozy. Alicia Paulson is a master of homey sewing and embroidery.

Nikkishell - Nicola is another clothes sewer who specializes in repurposing garments. Also check out her Wardrobe Refashion site.

Craft Magazine Blog. This site has so many sewing, knitting, embroidery, crafting ideas. You could spend hours looking through this site.

SouleMama by Amanda Blake Soule is an inspirational site for all you do-it-yourself moms. She has so many ideas on how to make your home a home. She is an avid knitter and sewer while somehow managing life with four children. Much of her work is centered around and includes them.

The Crafty Crow is a site dedicated to crafts for kids. It is a collective with tons of ideas.

Well, I hope this is a start for you all. There are more that I read, but I think this is enough for now, and really, constitute my favorite. In reality, there are a TON of sewing blogs and I am sure once you search these sites you will find more favorites.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the listings. I have looked through a few of them (and really enjoyed them). I need to make a "sewing" section to list all the links in. Thanks! Susan

Bridgett said...

Thanks so much for this!!