Thursday, October 1, 2009

It is all in the Fit

A friend has two autistic boys. They go to a public school that requires them to wear uniforms. Due to the medication one of them is on, he has gained a lot of weight in the last year. The mom had to quickly buy some new pants, based on his waist measurement, and hope for the best. Well, Monday dawned quite chilly and her son went to put them on. They were way, way too long. Even with rolling them, they just didn't fit. She convinced him to wear shorts and later was told he had had a rough day. Since she doesn't sew, she asked if I would hem them. I said, "of course!" After taking them up quite a bit, I returned them. The next day she told me that it made all the difference. He had had a great day. Clothes really do make the man! (I am just glad I could help in some small way.)


Bridgett said...

I can't even imagine. I would need more than someone to help me sew. Bless that family.

DanaCK said...

That was the nicest thing I heard all day. : )