Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reunion Update

Last night was the big reunion night at my house. Despite everyone being late because they got lost trying to find my house (we are that far north), the evening went off without a glitch. We had a really good time. Thankfully, all our kids got along and were pretty much out of sight the whole night running around and having fun. It was just so weird to have four other people from Cedar Falls sitting in my living room. I hadn't seen most of them in eighteen years! It is crazy that that much time has gone by. It was fun to hear about everyone's adjustment to St. Louis. We all had been confused by the term "hoosier". I remember when Husband first used that term to describe a stranger. I asked him how he knew they were from Indiana. Evidently, in St. Louis, it is a term equivalent to redneck. Not particularly flattering. Another friend had been completely confused by the term "depressed section" on the traffic reports. She couldn't figure out why they kept saying this area is depressed.* We also talked about the age old question, "where did you got to high school" that St. Louisians are so fond of asking. When you grow up in a one high school town, it is pretty much a question never asked.

It was interesting to discover the roundabout ways people landed in St. Louis (work, school, marriage). Most of us did not grow up thinking we would be here. Many of the kids I was friends with ended up in Minneapolis - which is exactly where I thought I would be. Three of us have been married thirteen years. The other two are single and never been married. We all seemed to be doing really well, which was nice to see. It was fascinating to see how we had all matured and become "responsible" adults. Our former eighteen year old selves would occasionally peek through, but, wow, we have grown up.

*It actually refers to a section of a highway that is lower (depressed) then the rest of it.

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