Sunday, October 11, 2009

You Never Know

When I was in eighth grade, we had a long-term substitute teacher in biology. To us thirteen/fourteen year olds she seemed a bit kooky. She was fairly young and a "back to the land" type person. We, of course, were cool and thought her very odd. The thing is, though, she was very passionate in her beliefs and tried so hard to convince us of her ways. You might imagine that it is an oxymoron to be a "back to the land" person in Iowa. Well, believe it or not, most of us grew up in cities, not farms. Cedar Falls had about 30,000 people in the summer and about 15,000 more when the university was in session. Yes, we were surrounded by farms, but really had no desire to actually work on a farm. We weren't blind, we could see how hard the work was. Well, the substitute was determined to convince us that that was the only way to save the world. Mind you, this was the 80s and not a popular movement as it later would become. She decided the best way to accomplish this was to teach us the benefits of making our own yogurt. And she did, for two solid weeks. If you also flashback to the eighties, yogurt was still not considered a very mainstream food - especially to young teenagers. We pretty much had ZERO interest in learning this. When I look back on those weeks, I feel so sorry for her that we were not a better audience. She had so much passion, but her delivery fell very short. Needless to say, I remember very little about what she said, except that she really, really, believed in it.

Twenty years later, I wish I would have paid attention. She is right. Homemade yogurt is a lot better then store-bought. I would love to have her recipe. Husband has cobbled a few different recipes together and come up with a fantastic product. When he gets the time, I will have him write it out and post it. I am totally addicted to it and look forward to it every day. So, Mrs. X, I tip my culture to you!

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