Sunday, December 6, 2009

For the Love of Winter: I

Many people (alright, mostly Husband) find it crazy that I like Winter so much. Yes, I don't like to be freezing, but there I are several things I really love about Winter. I feel Winter tends to be very under appreciated in the "favorite season" list. Therefore, I am starting a new series of post devoted to how awesome Winter is. Yes, I know it is still technically fall, but, come on, it feels like Winter already.

One thing I love about Winter is how it brings people together. This is the time for closeness. When you are hot and miserable, you tend to keep a space between you and your family or friends. Who wants to be near you when you are sweating so much? But Winter, it is a time to be near each other. We all exude a certain warmth that is magnified the nearer we are. In Winter, we are genetically drawn to be close. Often our spaces are confined to smaller areas (near the source of heat) and we have an opportunity to really be with someone. We welcome people into our physical space. With that, we feel a renewed sense connection with our family and friends. Winter is a time to rebuild our foundation. It is a time to tend to our relationships so that they will flourish through seasons of wandering. I hope you all take some time to be near the ones you love.


Charlie Talbert said...

I agree with how you look at winter, and agreed even more when I lived in Missouri and not in Wisconsin.

plaidshoes said...

Yes, I agree MO winters are easy Winters, but I did grow up in Northern Iowa and had my fare share of looooooong winters! ;-) I am sure by the end of the season, I will be commenting on how much I love spring!

Angelina said...

You already know I love winter too! You're right that it is the time to rebuild and strengthen relationships but I hadn't really ever thought of it that way.