Monday, January 25, 2010

Start Over?

The song lyric, "pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again" has been going over and over in my head. I believe it is meant to be motivational, but I am feeling cynical and just find it irritating. A lot of the irritation stems from the idea that it is just that easy to start over. It isn't. What if you have invested nine years in an organization and done everything in your power to make it a great place only to be shot down? Shot down by people who haven't even come close to the amount of "time, treasure, and talent" that you have put into it. People who don't understand a situation because they have chosen to remain uninvolved. Yet, now they feel you are being "unfair", "unjust", and "inflexible". What do you do? Do you start over just like that? No. You grieve. You hurt. You become angry and sad. That is where I am at. I think the phrase "once bitten, twice shy" is a lot more apropos.


Bridgett said...

It happened to me in spring 2001. I was back in the saddle in the winter of 2005-2006. It took some time to grieve and make a plan in my head again.

But God revels in weakness that tries, as Joan Chittister, osb, says. Spring of 2001 was partly my fault, partly not, but I really worked on the part that was. And then I tried again.

plaidshoes said...

I think it will take me at least that long to get over the feelings of anger. It will probably also take me that long to regain trust in the institution.