Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Daughter and I have a new favorite breakfast. In an effort to eat healthier and more whole grains, I have been sampling some new recipes from The Kind Diet*. So far, our favorite weekday breakfast is the Quick Date-Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal (although we omit the dates). It is so yummy, that Daughter and I look forward to it every morning. I would post the recipe, but I have suspicion that it will break some copyright issues. I would really encourage you to buy it or check it out from the library. Every recipe I have made so far has been super yummy. I have sampled many vegetarian and vegan cookbooks, but I really don't like some of their reliance on "mock" foods. It is not that I am not a connoisseur of them, but I don't need a cookbook to tell me how to use them. While they are convenient and often tasty, they are pretty heavily processed.

What I am looking for is a more whole food options. While Silverstone does use processed food very occasionally, she has a more whole grain, macrobiotic outlook. So far I am enjoying it. I am trying to get a grip on my general health this year. I am tired of feeling tired, cranky, and generally blah. I am so fortunate that there is nothing seriously wrong with me, that I feel ridiculous in that I am not taking advantage of obtaining optimal health now in hopes that it will continue into old age. It is not like it will get any easier to break some bad habits.

For those UU's out there, I really enjoy its focus on the interdependent web of all living beings. Silverstone really grasps that concept. She also really gets the mind-body connection and how important a role food plays in it.

*Yes, I realize this was written by Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame, but please give it a chance. She has a good sense of humor and puts in some good anecdotes. She is definitely an idealist, but so am I ;-)


Anonymous said...

my girls LOVE oatmeal in the morning. I love that it's healthy and inexpensive. I probably put too much brown sugar in it though! I'll be checking out that recipe!

plaidshoes said...

Anon-I wish I could get my boys to eat it! At least the daughter loves it ;-). Have you tried maple syrup instead of brown sugar? It is a better processed sugar and still gives it a sweet taste!