Sunday, February 7, 2010


I have been hearing more and more sad news from friends. Every night, I say a little prayer/blessing for friends, family, the world. Lately, the friends portion has gotten longer and longer. I am not sure why, but this winter seems to have been a particularly hard time for many. From job loss to health issues, many friends are suffering. I feel at a loss for what to do. I try to be there, but I don't feel like it is enough. Saying, "I am sure a job will come through" or sending a card to a friend with Stage IV cancer seems like so little. I can't relieve their suffering and it makes me sad. Right now I wish I had magical powers and could wave my wand and make them all better.


Bridgett said...

I know when I miscarried back in 2000, the card I received from a cousin who had done the same a few years back didn't help at the moment, but it helped a whole lot as time went on.

plaidshoes said...

Bridgett, I am so sorry about the miscarriage! I appreciate hearing about your cousin, though. It is hard to see loved ones in pain.