Friday, February 5, 2010

King Arthur Baking

I don't have any ads on this site, but if I did, one of the very few I would consider is King Arthur Flour. I can't express how much I LOVE this company. I love that they are employee owned, I love their products, and I love the family feel the company has. Visiting their storefront in Vermont would be a dream come true. Every time I get their catalogue, I am instantly dreaming of what I will bake next. I have two of their cookbooks. Every recipe turns out fantastic. I almost exclusively use their flour and buy my yeast through them. I have tried other flours, but none of them have performed as well as King Arthur's. Their product is really that good. Recently, I purchased two new items that are making my world extra great.

First, is their sourdough starter. According to their site, it is over 250 years old. I have been using it non-stop for the last couple of weeks. It is by far the family's favorite bread. It comes with a couple of very easy recipes that have never failed to produce a wonderful loaf.

My second favorite item, that compliments the above bread wonderfully, is their butter keeper.

I really prefer real butter to margarine, but hate trying to spread cold butter. It is pretty much an exercise in futility. I have been wanting this little crock for ages and finally broke down and ordered it with the sourdough starter. I love it. It sits on our table and keeps the butter fresh and at room temperature.

As you see, the butter is in the "bell" and in the cup is about an inch of water. The water seals the butter and keeps it fresh and tasty. The butter spreads perfectly on the toast. I highly recommend it.

I will stop extolling the virtues of King Arthur Flour, but I do encourage you all to check out their site. If you happen to live in Vermont, visit their store and let me know how awesome it is!

(No, I was not paid to wax no about them, I just wanted to spread the joy!)


Lizard Eater said...

Another King Arthur Flour fan here! Wholesome product, wholesome company.

Peter VE said...

Watch out if you do go to Norwich: you'll end up with a lot of stuff you didn't know you needed. My single best purchase was the dough whisk (none of that new fangled bread machine stuff for me). KAF is my favorite flour: I have 4 different types in the larder.

Strange Attractor said...

I usually buy store brand flour. Is King Arthur that much better that we will be able to taste the difference?

Saille said...

You're preaching to the choir, my friend. And Strange Attractor, KA is carried in many grocery stores. I buy it at Hannaford.

PJH said...

Strange Attractor, King Arthur Flour is milled to the tightest specs in the industry, and we hold the mills to those specs. Most national brands will vary their protein content as much as 2 percentage points (which is huge); ours varies, at most, .2%. What does this mean? CONSISTENCY, from week to week, season to season, year to year. Your recipes will always work the same. Being unbleached, some people can taste the difference, too - as bleached flour can have a rather acrid aftertaste. Bottom line: Is thee a difference you can perceive in your baking? My opinion is yes, for sure. But then again, I'm in love with KAF! PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour baker/blogger

PJH said...

And, plaidshoes, thank you SO much for your very kind comments! Come on up to Vermont sometime - visit the test kitchen, say Hi. We love connecting with our customers... PJ Hamel, King Arthur Flour baker/blogger

plaidshoes said...

Peter - I am certain I will have to set a budget if I ever making it to Norwich! I am sure I will find PLENTY of things that I MUST have!

Strange Attractor - I can taste a difference. Plus, like PJH said, it just consistently performs a lot better. I tried some generic organic brand and couldn't believe the difference. It is that much better!

earlyvoter said...

Strange Attractor -- I would never criticize my mother's outstanding home baking, but I found KAF flour a quantum leap ahead in texture and consistency from the store brands she used (and which I have now abandoned). By the way, the KAF artisinal flour (I add just a cup to my bread recipe) gives an extra earthy, nutty taste.