Wednesday, March 3, 2010


What are the consequences of standing up for your truth?
Lost friendships
Fractured community
New Beginnings
Strengthened friendships
Found community
New perspective


Modern Girl said...

More importantly, what's the consequences for not standing up for your truth?

plaidshoes said...

Modern Girl - excellent point. I may have to write about that soon...

Robin - I decided not to publish your comment mostly b/c I am choosing not to name names in this blog. I am not pointing fingers at a particular congregation for a reason - this blog can only represent my side of things. Just as your comment can only represent your side.

I did think a lot about what you wrote, though. The thing with truth is that I can always believe that I know the exact truth and still not be able to convince someone else of it. Even if in my heart I know how it is right. Truth will always be subjective to some degree. Even though I don't know all the circumstances of what happened to you, I am sorry it has had such long lasting effects. For my situation, after it became very apparent that I could do no more, I had to make a decision. I had to move on. Of course I feel like it is not fair, but that is just how it is. I can't let the bitterness eat me up. I hope you are able to find some sort of peace.

Charlie Talbert said...

Modern Girl, Martin Luther King, Jr. addressed your question with this observation: "Our lives begin to end the day we stop talking about things that matter."

Robin Edgar said...

No worries plaishoes. I cross-posted my comment to The Blog That Cannot Be Named. Maybe I will resubmit the comment without actually naming The Church That Cannot Be Named. After all your take on things, and my take on things, are quite broadly applicable to people who stand up and speak out about various Inconvenient Truths in the U*U World and of course the real world.

Robin Edgar said...

OK Here is my comment with the identifying name of "The Church That Cannot Be Named" removed. I have also removed the hyperlink to the alternative weekly newspaper article about my December 2000 arrest on bogus "public nuisance" criminal charges since it obviously identifies the "less than perfect" U*U "Welcoming Congregation" in question. Obviously anyone can find the information by Googling -

"Robin Edgar" arrested

How about being falsely arrested on bogus criminal charges brought against me by outrageously hypocritical Unitarians? How about being "excommunicated" by these same Unitarians aka U*Us? How about having your very own personal attack blog being given to you as a slightly belated Christmas present last year? And not just for standing up for *my* truth but the very well-documented capital 'T' Truth. . . There is no such thing as "your truth" only *the* Truth. All too often "your truth" is nothing but lies or delusion. . .

end quote

Of course part of standing up for *the* Truth is naming the perpetrators and perpetuators of injustices and abuses, be they U*Us or otherwise, so it is somewhat ironic that you suppressed my original comment because it stood up for a bit more readily verifiable Truth than you are prepared to publish here. . .