Sunday, March 28, 2010

Earth Hour

Last night we celebrated Earth Hour at our house. Along with millions of people around the globe, we turned off all our electricity at 8.30pm. Earth Hour is a program sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund to increase awareness of global climate change and how it impacts people and animals. We spent the afternoon doing various children's activities the site provided and discussing ways that we, as a family, could decrease our carbon footprint. It was a really fun way to get inspired to turn off those lights! That night, Husband built a fire in the fireplace and we all snuggled up in blankets and listened to stories read out-loud. Honestly, if felt a little bit like Little House on the Prairie. The kids loved it and now we plan to do this every fourth Saturday. It was such an awesome way to have family time and do some quiet activism. Today, we looked at pictures around to world of all the national landmarks that "turned-off the lights". It was cool for the kids to see the pyramids, Eiffel Tower, and Big Ben go dark. I was amazed that so many countries participated. I hadn't realized how big this hour had gotten. Locally, Busch Stadium, the Arch, Soldier Memorial, and City Hall all went dark. It was a really powerful feeling to us and the kids to realize we were connected to something much bigger.

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