Sunday, March 21, 2010


I am so excited! Today I was asked to preach at one of the summer services at our new church. As many of you know, most UU summer services are lay lead. So, theoretically, it is not hard to get a summer preaching gig, but THEY ASKED ME! Out of the blue! I didn't have to ask if I could! Maybe they ask all the new people, but I guess I was a little flattered that they even thought to ask. We have been attending less then a year, so I was caught off guard when they approached me. Of course I said yes ;-) Now, what to talk about.... Long-time readers will know that I have a lot of mixed feelings about summer lay-led services, so it is important to me to make the service interesting, dynamic and meaningful. I hope I can do it!

Speaking of our new church, I have to mention how pleased I am with the transition. It wasn't an easy decision to change congregations. There are so many aspects I loved about our old church. Especially all the wonderful friends we had made there. I really miss seeing them on Sundays. We devoted nine years to that congregation and definitely feel a void without it. The new church did take some getting used to. All of sudden, we were the new people. Fortunately, (b/c the UU world is small) I knew a few people, but not as well as our old friends. Our kids missed the former congregation and its bigger RE department and children's library. They kept wanting to go back. It is hard to explain why you have to leave a place to your child, especially when they were doing well there.

We persisted, though. I found that I really like the smaller feel of the new church. It is homier. The minister is someone who challenges and inspires. He really cares about the congregation. The members are so welcoming, that we didn't feel like strangers for long. The youngest loves his new Sunday school class (more on this later). The older two are adjusting to the multi-age classes, and aren't complaining nearly as much. Husband and I have decided to jump in and get involved. I am teaching the 3-5 y/o class and will be the chair of the Religious Education Committee next year. Husband has become involved in the social justice outreach by tutoring homeless children twice a month and helping in our food ministry. We are connecting and I am feeling myself opening up to UU again. So much so, that we officially joined the new church today. I guess I am the eternal optimist.

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