Friday, March 12, 2010

Using Up and Big Dreams

Lettuce and Spinach

Now that Winter is winding down, I find that my freezer and pantry are in need of a cleaning out. All that food that I 'put away' needs to be eaten to make room for the new seasons goodies. It won't be long until the strawberries come in and I need those jars for jam-making! I always worry that I haven't canned/frozen/dried enough, but by the end of winter I find that I really did. I hope you all have the same experience!

Now, though, it is time to start making plans for this year! As always, I will dream large and hope about half of it works out. I am still inspired by Carleen Madigan's book "The Backyard Homestead." She has so many great ideas on maximizing space. Now if I could just convince Husband to give up more of the lawn, our suburban yard could become a farm! I plan to spend this next week figuring out how to put it all together. I know I want a bigger herb garden, more berries, try to grow some wheat, maybe squash, plus enlarge the main garden, and add some fruit trees. Once I have a better idea, I will post everything we plan on planting.

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